As a long-time docent at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, I found I enjoyed helping people understand and get excited about art. I recently graduated with an MA in Art History from TCU. Next, I hope to leverage my research skills and my extensive experience working in museums and teaching to find work that lets me continue helping people understand art.

In addition to my CV (web version) (or pdf here with contact info), this site showcases my research interests, approach to teaching, exhibitions I have curated, and community service.

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Photo Credits
Top: Santiago Calatrava’s Twisting Torso tower in Malmö, Sweden, 2008. First row, left: Astronomical Clock, Prague, 2008. First row, right: South coast of England, 2013. Second row, left: The Lie of the Land exhibition, 2016. Second row, right: The Berlin Wall, 2016. All photographs by S. Janelle Montgomery.